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Swastik Industrial Enterprise is a 100% export unit of group of companies engaged in manufacturing of various types of dyes .

Swastik Industrial Enterprise ,a family enterprise is presently owned & looked after by Mr.Nalinchandra J. Sanghavi & his son Rajen Sanghavi.

Swastik dyes has been ancestral business for Sanghavi's . The business of dyes was started by the great grand father of Rajen Sanghavi in the year of 1910 as major importers of dyes in India.

The factory was established in the year of 1955.

Mr. Nalinchandra J. Sanghavi , fresh graduate of science having zeal & zest to expand the existing business of Import & trading concentrated on manufacturing of various dyes.

With hard work , sincere efforts & constant research the factory started the manufacturing of vat Dyes the monopoly item at that time in India .

Adoption of new and developing technology and moulding himself with changing trends, factory started manufacturing new and new range of dyes.

By 1975 company had matured into a sizable & robust organisation where it could boast of producing the full range of Reactive, Direct, Vat, Pigment powders, Pigment emulsion, Acid colours, Acid milling colours, Acid metal complex dyes etc.

Swastik Industrial Enterprise was established as 100% export unit to cater & concentrate on global market.

Today after consistent efforts , strong determination & hard work , we have established ourselves as a reliable source of dyes for many vendors thoughtout the globe.


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